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Re: Sheevaplug Kernel packages - backports.org vs people.debian.org/~tbm/orion vs tbm snapshots

* debian.arm.nospam@sub.noloop.net <debian.arm.nospam@sub.noloop.net> [2009-10-09 13:54]:
> for a Sheevaplug, what is the difference between the linux-image-kirkwood
> packages on backports.org (lenny-backports) vs. the
> people.debian.org/~tbm/orion repository (vs the snapshots announced
> here on the list)?
> Are the bpo kernels maintained by the same person(s) maintaining the
> p.d.o/~tbm/orion ones? Currently I'm running a snapshot kernel on
> one sheevaplug and a bpo kernel on another, and occasionally
> apt-get wants to "upgrade" to a different repository, so I'm unsure
> what exactly the difference is. For example, right now backports
> has version "2.6.30-6~bpo50+1" which ~tbm has "2.6.30-8".

 - p.d.o/~tbm/orion is my Orion/Kirkwood repo in which I put packages
   that Orion/Kirkwood users on lenny may need.  The kernel in there
   is simply a copy from the Debian unstable and I update it whenever
   I feel that the kernel in unstable is ready.

 - backports.org is a service that "back ports" packages from unstable
   to lenny.  Whereas I copy the kernel from unstable, they actually
   recompile it on lenny.

 - The snapshots announced on this list are snapshots of the
   development tree, i.e. RC releases of the next kernel.  These are
   for testing and not for normal use.

Now the question p.d.o/~tbm/orion vs backports.org: I don't think it
matters a lot.  In fact, I could probably copy the kernel from
backports.org rather than unstable to the Orion repo.  But since the
kernel from unstable works fine on lenny, I don't think it matters.
OTOH, maybe it would reduce confusion if I used the kernels from

Comments on this welcome.
Martin Michlmayr

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