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Re: Reverting my SheevaPlug to the default Ubuntu

* John Winters <john@sinodun.org.uk> [2009-09-16 14:07]:
> I didn't get any response to my problem with an "apt-get dist-upgrade"
> having stopped my Sheevaplug from booting Debian, so I think I'll need to
> start again from scratch and go back to the default Ubuntu.

I didn't respond because I haven't seen the problem you described
before and you said you'd investigate, so I was hoping you'd find out
what's going on.

I can certainly help you investigate the boot problem.  In the
meantime, to get a running system, download the tar ball again,
extract it somewhere and copy the files from /boot over to your usb
stick. (In fact, simply copying /boot/uImage.bak to /boot/uImage might
work too but please keep a copy of /boot/uImage so we can inspect it.)

> Will a simple "resetenv" set everything back so the plug boots
> Ubuntu, or do I need to undo each of the Debian-booting environment
> changes individually?

I don't know.  But if someone finds out, I'm happy to add instructions
to my web site.
Martin Michlmayr

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