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Building kernel natively


I've been having trouble building a kernel (2.6.30-6) for my QNAP TS-219 *on* my TS-219. When I start the build process with make-kpkg, it starts by generating a lot of files under debian/. In the file debian/ruleset/misc/defaults.mk, some logic tries to determine which cross-compiler to use by interrogating dpkg-architecture, but when building on the same architecture as the target, no cross-compiler should be used.

But when defaults.mk checks the current architecture, it compares DEB_BUILD_ARCH with DEB_HOST_ARCH_CPU, and since those are different (armel vs. arm), it insists on using a cross-compiler and prepends arm-linux-gnueabi- to all build tools.

The only solution I've found is to start the build process until it fails, then edit the defaults.mk file so it makes a sane comparison and then restart the build.

I'm not even sure how the debian/ directory are created by make-kpkg, haven't dug into it. Is there a better way to build natively? Or is it a plain bug?


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