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Re: Bootstrapping gcc and then (if I could) glibc


2009/8/27 Hector Oron <hector.oron@gmail.com>
> 2009/8/27 Lluís Batlle <viriketo@gmail.com>:
> > I'm trying to bootstrap a gcc+glibc in arm, in a Sheevaplug, and I'm
> > encountering a problem I don't know how to fix. I'll study the CLFS for arm
> > better, maybe that gives some clues, but here is what I find.
> First of all, i let you know I am also interested in the proceeding.
> But I believe this is not the right place to post this comments, nor
> linux-arm lists which is mainly kernel stuff, but maybe CLFS mailing
> lists (clfs-support@lists.cross-lfs.org) or gcc-help@gcc.gnu.org or
> crossgcc at sourceware.

I'm not crosscompiling. I'm using a debian and a fedora on arm. I have
two Sheevaplugs available, and try in both. I'd like to bootstrap gcc
there. So I'll keep on debian-arm :)
I could have asked the same in both lists, but I thought I could
offend someone, sending to the fedora and debian lists at once.

> > When building gcc using the toolchain I have in debian or fedora in the
> > Sheevaplug, I find that once xgcc is ready, it cannot link binaries because
> > of this problem in 'intl/configure':
> Can be it disabled? Which are your ./configure commands?
I don't know if it can be disabled. Here is my configure:

> a) Maybe try something similar to get the bootstrap compiler:
> ./configure --target=arm-linux-gnueabi
> --prefix=/usr/arm-linux-gnueabi/ --disable-nls --without-headers
> --with-newlib --disable-shared --disable-decimal-float
> --disable-threads --disable-libssp --disable-libgomp
> --disable-libmudflap --enable-languages=c
I'll try with something like this this.
> b) Then compile the C library
I have not reached this point still :)

> ... please correct me if i am wrong, but should not you be using
> crt1.o for the target system instead your host one?
That file, afaik, is provided by glibc. Maybe the flags you gave me
make gcc not use glibc at all, thus, not use crt1.o.

Thank you!

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