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Re: arm port plans for the squeeze cycle (fpc bootstrapping)

Free Pascal compiler, a.k.a. fp-compiler. Exists in sid for arm, i386,
amd64 and powerpc. Requires itself to compile itself and contains
cpu-specific code generators: the arm one may or may not work
unmodified on armel. Porting it means cross-compiling it
Or using a binary from upstream as the starting compiler which is the approach I tried.

, installing
the cross-compiled version and using that to build the package, as
well as possibly modifying its code generator for EABI.
Lukilly upstream does seem to care about EABI and the option to generate EABI code is already there but according to upstream it's too buggy in the current release. When 2.4.0 is released and packaged i'll try again. I may try again before that using svn versions from upstream.
An alternative is for dependent packages to move to (or also accept)
gpc, the GCC-based pascal compiler (wishlist bugs have been filed
where appropriate).
From what i've heared gpc and fpc are far from compatible, I don't have personal experiance with gpc though.

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