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Re: [jfstraeten@scarlet.be: Re: Some help needed to install Lenny on the Intel SS4000-E nas]

On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 05:49:37PM +0200, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * JF Straeten <jfstraeten@scarlet.be> [2009-07-31 16:45]:
> > It leads me to this candid question : are / do the devio commands the
> > same things in sid and lenny, or on ARM and AMD64 ?
> I think it should but you can easily test it by creating an image in
> the installer and comparing the md5sum with that generated on amd64.
> > As a side note, the results are exactly the same with the Lenny kernel
> > (2.6.26) which boots if tftp loaded, but not when flashed.
> Strange... I don't have the hardware so I cannot track this down, but
> I'm sure Wouter will take a look.

I'm sorry; I only noticed this now. The SS4000-E that I had on loan has
been returned to its owner, so it's slightly harder for me to test now.
That doesn't mean it's impossible, but I'd have to arrange for loaning
it again, which is not as easy as having the machine right next to me or
some such.

In any case, it might be that the hardware will boot to some extent; but
I was told that in order for the machine to work properly, you need at
least 2.6.28, which for the time being means the kernel from sid. Other
kernels may or may not work, but don't expect me to help you if they

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