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Re: Fancontrol on the SS4000-E

"JF Straeten" <jfstraeten@scarlet.be> writes:

> Hi All,


> After having installed Debian on my nas, I try to get some control
> over the fan which runs always fullspeed.
> fancontrol hasn't any configuration yet, so I run pwmconfig, which
> isn't either configured, so I try sensors-detect.

I would not be suprised that sensors-detect is doing some things working
only on x86. I never looked at the code, so the problem may be something

> But it find no sensor and segfaults with this trace :

too bad. It should have found the sensors :(


> Does someone control the fan on the same machine ?

I'm still using the daemon from the original firmware as I've been too
lazy to try to set it up with things liek fancontrol. If you want to
have a look, load the w83792d module (w83792d.ko) and have fun.


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