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[TS-219P] stuck with wrong mtd2

Hi All,

Like some other on this list I also wanted to upgrade from a TS-209
pro II to a TS-219P.

Using Martins upgrade instructions I flashed the new device with an
unpatched mtd2.
After inserting my disks and booting I found the device did not finish booting.
This is where I found out that I should have patched the mtd2 file.

So now I'm stuck with a device that won't boot and can't change that
(no console cable).
I started looking into recovery mode boot (ie pressing power while
keeping the reset button).
Wireshark tells me the TS-219P does bootp/dhcp but I can't get the
device to accept any bootp/dhcp offers.

I'm looking for pointers to regain access to my device, so I can flash
a correct mtd2 file.
Any help appreciated.


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