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Re: Fuse for NSLU@ Debian Lenny

+++ Mr Doug - [2009-05-27 21:55 -0700]:
> I want to run OWFS which requires FUSE. Is there an apt-get package for
> Lenny on the NSLU2 ?
> Is anyone runing OWFS on the NSLU2 Debian Lenny ?

Almost certainly. I know people using OWFS on unsplung and logtemp on
Debian, but not OWFS on debian (on a SLUG). I'm running OWFS on a
lenny balloon. I originally had to backport owfs to sarge from some
packaging I found online, but have now updated to lenny. I have some
packages somewhere. I had assumed they were going to be uploaded but
as that still doesn't seem to have happened maybe I should do
something about making it so. owfs is too cool not to be in

(although if you are just using temp sensors everything can now be
done with kernel drivers over I2C (and probably USB)- you don't
actually need owfs.)

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