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ARM hardware available for developers

I have a number of ARM devices/boards that I no longer need and I'm
looking for developers or testers who can do something useful with
them.  Those devices have been given to me to improve Debian support,
and so they should be used for Debian related activities
(debian-installer tests and development, kernel work, or other things
you can think of).

The following hardware is available:

 - 1x QNAP TS-409 (development board; no case)
 - 1x Conceptronic CH3SNAS (like a D-Link DNS-323 rev B)
 - 1x HP mv2120

Since I somehow have to get the hardware to you, I'd prefer to hear
from people in Europe or the US but this is no absolute requirement.

Note that none of these devices come with hard drives.

If you're interested, please contact me privately and tell me the
following information:

 - What you would like to do with the device - if you don't clearly
   show that you'll do something useful with the device, you definitely
   won't get it.  People who will actively contribute to Debian's ARM
   port get bonus points.
 - What kind of experience you have.
 - Whether you can make a serial console for the device (most come
   with a serial console, but not all) - see here for an example:
 - Is there one device you'd prefer?
 - Where are you located?

If I decide to send you a device, the following rule applies: this
device is to be used for Debian related work.  If you no longer have
the time or interest in doing something useful with the device, it's
your obligation to find another person who will do something useful
(and Debian related) with it and give it to them.

Martin Michlmayr

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