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Re: Change root partition

* Mathias Waack <M.Waack@gmx.de> [2009-03-09 22:55]:
> how do I change the root partition in my qnap ts-209? I assume I
> have to create a new image and copy it to the flash, right?
> Just for the background: I've installed debian on my qnap (btw:
> thank you for the good work!) and some time later I've added a
> second hard disk. So I've converted all partitions into raid1
> devices - except the root device (dev/sda2) which is always in use
> after boot. All references to /dev/sda2 are removed from /etc/fstab.

The root device is stored in the ram disk, so you have to run:
    update-initramfs -u
after changing /etc/fstab.
Martin Michlmayr

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