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Re: what creates /etc/kernel-img.conf?

* Paul Jakma <paul@jakma.org> [2009-02-02 07:33]:
> Basically, I think flashing kernels should be /off/ by default,
> given  there's no failback at the moment and so it really requires
> manual  testing of new kernels via tftp boot to avoid any nasty
> surprises..

I don't think it should be off by default (because most people want to
have automatic security upgrades) but you're welcome to make the
change locally.  Please note that in addition to the hook in
/etc/kernel-img.conf, flash-kernel is nowadays called by
initramfs-tools directly.  So the best way to stop flashing kernels
automatically right now is to remove the flash-kernel package from
your system.

Martin Michlmayr

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