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Re: versatile architecture image suitable for qemu usage?


> The debootstrap option does unfortunately not work with plain Debian.
> There are bugs and patches available though. Perhaps it's worth
> polishing and pushing them. 
> A third option would be to use the classical two stage debootstrap
> process with --foreign and --second-stage. But this has the problem on
> how to launch an initial system to execute the native second-stage.
> Perhaps you could script the debian-installer rescue mode to do this.
> I'm not sure though if this is possible.

qemubuilder does --fireign and --second-stage, and to run
--second-stage and for normal operations qemubuilder uses a kernel
(and optionally initrd).

Some architectures have stock kernel support ext2/3 built-in, and some
architectures have initrd which handles init= option the way I want it
to (e.g. which used to be the case with mips qemu port, which doesn't
seem to exist anymore).


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