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Re: QNAP TS-409 Raid 5 resync errors

On Wed, 2008-12-24 at 13:53 +0100, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * John Holland <john.holland@cellent-fs.de> [2008-12-23 15:26]:
> > Dec 23 12:10:01 utah kernel: [43103436.040000] md1_resync    D c020fd94
> > 0  2887      2
> > Dec 23 12:10:01 utah kernel: [43103436.050000] [<c020fa34>] (schedule
> > +0x0/0x3ac) from [<bf069de4>] (md_do_sync+0x224/0xad8 [md_mod])
> > Dec 23 12:10:01 utah kernel: [43103436.050000] [<bf069bc0>] (md_do_sync
> How easy is it for you to reproduce this problem?  Can you post the
> _full_ dmesg when this problem occurs?

To be honest, I haven't tried to reproduce the problem. I got these
messages about every two minutes while resync'ing md0, which took well
over 24h (perhaps 28-32h) for about 2.9TB.

Depending upon what the distributor says in the new year, I may need to
rebuild the raid and install debian. And I will definitely keep you in

I have done a 'smartctl -t long /dev/sd[a-d]' w/o any errors. So I
believe the drives are o.k. Just the messages about checksums as in the
files I had attached are getting rather annoying.

Unfortunately, I do no longer possess the original dmesg output. If you
like, I could attach an entire '/var/log/messages' w/ rotated logs.


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