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Re: Recovery mode for QNAP devices available now

* Vegar Neshaug <vneshaug@gmail.com> [2008-12-16 23:44]:
> I just installed your kernel with the intel DMA patches. It increased
> the samba transfer speed from ~4.7mbyte/sec to ~6.5 mbyte/sec. Any
> chance these patches will be part of the mainstream kernel?

I doubt this particular set of DMA patches is going to go into the
mainline kernel.  However, I think Marvell is working on their own
patches now and they'll definitely aim for mainline inclusion.

> I read in one of your posts earlier that marvell was working on
> improving the LAN driver for the orion SoC. Do you have any
> information on how that's going? Also, what kind of performance
> increase can we expect?

There have been significant improvements in 2.6.27 and 2.6.28, but I'm
not sure how much performance increase they'll give on this hardware
Martin Michlmayr

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