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clock not set on new Kurobox Pro

I performed an installation on a new Kurobox Pro yesterday and ran
into a problem with the clock.  I thought I'd briefly describe the
problem here, so the solution is archived.  According to
I'm not the only one who ran into this problem...

The installation went fine but when I booted into the new system it
checked my disk because the filesystem was created in the future.  The
clock was set to 1970 and dmesg showed:

[42949375.670000] rtc-rs5c372 0-0032: clock needs to be set
[42949375.670000] rtc-rs5c372 0-0032: rs5c372a found, 24hr, driver version 0.5
[42949375.680000] rtc-rs5c372 0-0032: rtc core: registered rtc-rs5c372 as rtc0
[42949375.710000] rtc-rs5c372 0-0032: hctosys: unable to read the hardware clock

debian:~# hwclock --show
RTC_RD_TIME: Invalid argument
ioctl() to /dev/rtc to read the time failed.

clock-setup in d-i properly set the time but then it failed to sync the
hardware clock:

Nov 26 08:44:07 clock-setup: Wed Nov 26 08:44:07 UTC 2008
Nov 26 08:44:07 clock-setup: rdate: adjust local clock by 1227688729.430969 seconds

Nov 26 09:37:50 clock-setup: Hardware clock is on UTC time
Nov 26 09:37:50 clock-setup: Assuming hardware clock is kept in UTC time.
Nov 26 09:37:50 clock-setup: Waiting for clock tick...
Nov 26 09:37:50 clock-setup: /dev/rtc does not have interrupt functions. Waiting
 in loop for time from /dev/rtc to change
Nov 26 09:37:50 clock-setup: RTC_RD_TIME: Invalid argument
Nov 26 09:37:50 clock-setup: ioctl() to /dev/rtc to read the time failed.

The solution for this is pretty simple: before installing Debian, set the
clock from a time server and set the hardware clock:

rdate -s pool.ntp.org
hwclock -w

Martin Michlmayr

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