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Re: Security buildd for armel

On Fri, Feb 08, 2008 at 06:48:18PM +0100, Moritz Muehlenhoff wrote:
> Just to give an overview of current security updates blocked by arm:
> (the hppa buildd is currently offline and thus ignored)


> Also there are four updates for iceweasel, xulrunner, icedove
> and iceape coming very soon, which take 12-15 hours each, while
> the second slowest arch requires ca. 4-5 hours, imposing another
> delay.

I recently got sent by the kind folks from Marvell a MV78100 developer
board[1], and the performance is quite promising. I tested building
some known slow-building packages which will likely need security
updates in lenny...:

Package   | Thecus | MV78100 | HPPA  | MIPS
linux-2.6 | 39h    | 11h     | 6h    | 17h
webkit    | 17h    | 5h      | 3h    | 4h
qt4-x11   | 59h    | 17h     | 7h    | 13h
xulrunner | 14h    | 4h      | 1.5h  | 3h

thecus/hppa/mips timings are from build logs. Linux-2.6 build
times are not really comparable, as different archs build
different amounts of kernels.

The developer board is ATX-sized mothboard with 2xsata, 2xgigE,
4x pciE and 2x pci, and finally DDR2 Memory slots with 1GB of
RAM at the moment.

Next, I'll try various packages with known anal testsuites
(gcc-4.3, perl, python, glibc, apr, mysql, ltp, any other
suggestions ) to see that the board is surely stable.

[1] http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS6658204257.html

"rm -rf" only sounds scary if you don't have backups

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