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Re: Debian kernel package for linkstation pro

* Tim Small <tim@buttersideup.com> [2008-07-30 20:37]:
> Hmm, I think in order to stand a chance of getting it fixed, you'd
> probably need to submit a patch

Not necessarily.

> investment, without a guarantee of it getting accepted, I wonder if
> it might not be best just to fix the problem in user space?  It
> would  probably be easier to create an initrd which deletes the
> faulty nvram  setting,

I guess there are two possibilities:

 - use the nvram utility to remove the 15M parameter before starting
 - put some shim in the initrd or kernel.

Given that the LS Pro software doesn't need the 15M parameter (since
it's an initrd), the first choice might be best.

Is the nvram utility included is the LS Pro software environment or is
that only on the Kurobox Pro?

> (and upgrades the firmware to a known-good version if necessary, 
> whilst guaranteeing not to downgrade it).

I thought even the new firmware didn't work with the 15M parameter.
Martin Michlmayr

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