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Generating locales on NSLU2


I've installed Lenny armel beta2 on a NSLU2 yesterday. It worked well. Thank
you for the work and the fine documentation.

I have a problem generating locales for French. 
When I start locale-gen, it goes like that :

Generating locales (this might take a while)...
  fr_FR.UTF-8...Read from remote host Connection reset by peer
Connection to closed.

The ssh server crashes and I'm not able to reconnect to the NSLU2. The NSLU2
still answers to ping.

When I reboot the NSLU2, the locale has not be generated.

My locales version is 2.7.10

Is it a known bug on armel ? Is there any workaround (downgrading locales,
or generating the locales elsewhere)


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