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Re: Lenny/armel with Debian kernel on Buffalo Linkstation Pro v2

* Tim Small <tim@buttersideup.com> [2008-06-21 18:35]:
> The problem turns out to be with the initramfs code - whereas in the
> case of an initrd, only a single gzip archive is looked for, the
> initramfs code overlays the contents of multiple concatenated gziped
> cpio archives, and so expects the whole 15M to be filled with valid
> gzip data....

Yeah, it's a feature in the sense that it allows you to simply cat
multiple gzipped cpio archives together and have all of them loaded.
However, I wonder whether it would be possible to modify the code so
it won't ignore the ramdisk it has found if it finds invalid data
later on.

> I've come up with the attached patch to ignore it, which WorksForMe (tm).  
> It maybe that this bogus parameter also exists on other Buffalo hardware 
> (and as such the patch should be expanded to include other hardware 
> numbers), but I don't have any to test on.

Such a specific patch has about zero change to be accepted in the
mainline kernel (although a patch that would do the thing would imho
be a good idea).

But anyway, what's the problem with simply padding the ramdisk to 15MB
with zeros?

Martin Michlmayr

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