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uphpmvault & ubootimage

I'm in a quandry.  Let me saw, first off, that it would be helpful to
get a sample recovery image.  Eugene, do you have one?  I can arrange
a place for you to copy it, if that helps.

I've written a program (or rather rewritten one I wrote before) to
build uboot images.  It has an option to pad out images within a
multi-image to allow for the alignment of sub-images.  It is useful
for testing out the recovery mode.

I've been successful in building a multi image that starts the kernel.
The ordinary uImages have a load/entry-point of 0x8000.  We cannot use
this for the recovery image because u-boot will clobber itself when it
moves the image.  It will execute the kernel if we change the
load/entry-point to 0x400000, which also happens to be the load
address for the recovery image.

I haven't yet gotten the recipe right to get u-boot to pass a
recognizable initrd image to the kernel.  I have a few more
combinations to try.

The hardest part is that I cannot test the recovery mode because my MV
won't recognize the special-hold-the-button-mode.  I look forward to
hearing how well it works for you.

BTW, I discovered a small bug in uphpmvault.  If you start the
recovery process on the device without first running DHCP, and the
uphpmvault program sees a beacon from the MV that has no IP address,
it will not start the tftp process when the MV *does* get an IP
address.  In this case, you'll have to kill the uphpmvault program and
restart it.


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