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Re: Progress on Bug#444271 / N2100 disk performance

Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> writes:


> * Uwe Holz <uwe.holz@googlemail.com> [2008-06-09 10:17]:
>> is there any estimation, when changes will touch base in a regular
>> kernel release?
> Probably not soon, if ever.  These patches don't appear to be high
> priority for Intel, especially now that the IOP32x chip will reach its
> end of life at the end of this year.  As I mentioned before, I think
> it needs a developer from the community to clean up the patches and
> submit them.

imho, it's not only a matter of having someone from the community
working on that. iirc, the patches were not really well perceived when
sent to l-a-k. There was some "hey' don't do that" but nobody helped in
finding a way to solve them. This is quite annoying as Dan was asking
for help/advice.


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