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Installing Debian on NSLU2 with erratic hard drive

I am intending to install Debian on my NSLU2 for the first time.  Up to now I
have been using it as supplied by Linksys.

However, there is a quirk about my NSLU2, and I want to check whether it will
cause any problems with Debian.  I use the NSLU2 with a USB hard drive.  I
turn the hard drive on first, and then the NSLU2.  But however long I leave
between turning them on, the NSLU2 always fails to detect the hard drive the
first time it boots.  I have to turn the NSLU2 off again with the button at
the front, and then back on.  The second time it always detects the hard
drive successfully.

Does anyone else have this sort of problem?  Is it likely to cause
difficulties once I have installed Debian on it?

I suppose what I want to know is, if the slug starts up with the Debian flash
image and fails to find the hard drive, will it be happy if I shut it down
with the power button and start up again?

Matthew Phillips

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