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Re: Speeding up aptitude on NSLU2

(I hope you don't mind me quoting your email in a post to the list...)

Barry Tennison wrote:
> Following my post
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-arm/2008/04/msg00087.html
> on this, which was squarely aimed to help you, did you have any luck?
> I'm intrigued to know if it was helpful.

Sorry, I completely forgot about that since my NSLU2 self-destructed at
the last kernel upgrade (due to what seems to be bug #478236)...

> You may have noticed that Jon Dowland posted a brief comment as a follow-up.

Well, I'm running Debian testing off a 16 GB USB flash drive since I ran
into problems with my 2.5" USB hard drive; I'm using a 256 MB swap
partition, a 4 GB root partition and a 11.5 GB data partition.

It's connected to the internet via USB through my cable modem (just
noticed that it's a USB 1.1 connection, gonna replace that with my USB
2.0 LAN adapter to make full use of my cable modem bandwidth), and it's
connected to my wireless access point and switch via the NSLU2's
ethernet port.

Since I'm running Windows on my other machines, I'm using PuTTY to
access the NSLU2.

Yes, I have quite some stuff running on the NSLU2 (courier MTA and IMAP,
lighttp, dnsmasq, fetchmail, openssh, nptd and Samba), but that doesn't
really change the fact that starting aptsh is a matter of seconds, while
starting aptitude is a matter of minutes... :(

The problem with aptsh is that it does not seem to be developed anymore
and that it's lacking some basic stuff, like holding/unholding packages.

If there was a way of compiling a stripped-down version of aptitude
without all the memory-intensive bells and whistles (tags, tasks, etc.)
I'd do that in a heartbeat, but I just don't have the time to dig into
it myself... :/

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