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upgrade woes etc etc

Hi , trying 5.0
[root@gb7tf 5.0]# unzip debian-5.0beta1.zip 
Archive:  debian-5.0beta1.zip
  inflating: di-nslu2.bin            
[root@gb7tf 5.0]# upslug2 -d eth2 -i di-nslu2.bin 
NSLU2     00:13:10:d6:ba:7d Product ID: 1 Protocol ID: 0 Firmware Version: R23V63 [0x2363]
Upgrading LKGD6BA7D 00:13:10:d6:ba:7d
    . original flash contents  * packet timed out
    ! being erased             - erased
    u being upgraded           U upgraded
    v being verified           V verified 

    <status> <address completed>+<bytes transmitted but not completed>
    * timeout occurred         + sequence error detected

Rebooting... done
[root@gb7tf 5.0]# 
Install looked good, it formatted and partitioned the USB Flash memory stick, then closed he ssh link.

Try again time

it gets to install system, loads something and closes the connection, I did manage to get a user account set up
but on both the user account and root permission is denied.
I'll try the install on more time.

Ideas ???


Best Wishes

Richard Bown

Registered Linux User 365161
OS Mandriva x86_64 2008.0 Kernel
HAM Callsign G8JVM : Locator IO82SP
QRV all bands 80mtrs to 3 cms ,( non WARC )
A computer is like a Native American Indian teepee, it has no gates, no windows and has an apache inside.

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