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Re: Debian Upgrade Woes

If you can get into upgrade mode (alternating red/green led), then it is *extremely* unlikely that your slug is bricked.
Once it's in upgrade mode, the redboot telnet interface cli command parser is not operable - that is normal.
Note that the SerComm upgrade protocol which upslug2 implements uses a non-standard ethernet packet type (i.e. lower level than IP packets), so is *highly* susceptible to filtering by network devices.  Don't assume upslug2 is not working until you have tried a direct cross-over cable connection between the slug and a Linux host that is not running a firewall.
Even being able to ping a device (which is one level above IP) is not a guarantee that something in your network is filtering upgrade ethernet packets (which are one level below IP).
-- Rod

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From: Richard <richard.bown@blueyonder.co.uk>
Date: Wednesday, Apr 23, 2008 3:49 am
Subject: Debian Upgrade Woes
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Hi All
>As I can telnet to the, beast in upgrade mode, but it unresponsive,
>is there anything I can type while the telnet connection is active
>to allow upslug2 to see the slug ?.
>Else it looks like I've got a brick
>Sorry Tobias , this mail was suppose to go to the list.
>Best Wishes
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