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Re: debian/armel status update

Joey Hess wrote:
> Riku Voipio wrote:
>> - Debian-installer lenny
>> I'm not quite sure where we are with armel lenny d-i. Can someone
>> fill me in?
> armel needs to be usable in testing before it can be released with a d-i
> beta or release candidate. However, the daily built images work fine,
> provided you install unstable with them. Last time I tried, testing was
> still missing armel builds of some stuff needed to install it with d-i,
> but that was over a month ago, and may well have been resolved by now.
> The debian-installer autobuild on arm for beta1 also failed:

It fails because there are no Packages files in 

I've pinged aj about that.

> Some kind of apt or mirror issue. Could this be requeued just to see if
> it continues to fail?

Even if the Packages file is there it will continue to fail as there are no 
kernel udebs for armel in testing. As the cause of the failure has been 
identified now, there is no point in requeueing


[1] Riku also asked on IRC, but pointed to lenny/main/installer-armel/, 
which is a different directory and is supposed to be empty as long as we've 
not had a D-I release that includes armel.

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