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Re: Puzzling difference between debian-arm and debian-i386 re growisofs

Tobias Frost wrote:
Can you mount a DVD created on i386 on the NSLU?
Maybe there is some endian-related issue?

Good thinking! Many thanks.

Not I think the final solution, but an extra insight onto things.
(Please see end of post for a request!)

I isolated (before your mail) the problem down to genisoimage: so it's nothing to do with the DVD drive or burning or usb. The steps to reproduce what I think must be a bug in genisoimage go as follows:

[first on the arm machine]
cd <somewhere safe>
mkdir tmp1
touch tmp1/nullfile-with-long-name
genisoimage -R tmp1/ >RR-arm-1.iso
# note: this succeeds, and then RR-arm-1.iso will loop-mount perfectly
#  well with Rock Ridge active, so nullfile-with-long-name shows with
#  the right name
genisoimage -M RR-arm-1.iso -C 0,0 -R tmp1/ >RR-arm-2.iso

(I honestly don't think the -C 0,0 is an issue.)

This gives as output:
I: -input-charset not specified, using utf-8 (detected in locale settings)
genisoimage: **BAD RRVERSION (0) for �
NO Rock Ridge present
Disabling Rock Ridge / XA / AA
whereas the exact same procedure on an i386 or amd64 machine detects the Rock Ridge and proceeds to succeed.

I was about to report this as a bug against genisoimage (arm version only).

Your prompt made me try "cross-mounting" - but all the mounts work fine: that is, iso produced (by genisoimage) on arm mounts ok on i386 and vice versa. So I don't think it can be a simple endian problem with the files.

However (rather as I think one might expect), if I create the .iso with genisoimage on i386, and then copy it across to the arm machine, and then run the genisoimage -M (enlarge the filesystem)) type command on arm on the copied file, I get the **BAD RRVERSION (0) again.

So I think it's definitely in the genisoimage -M code, and COULD BE an endian issue there.

I'm planning to report the (presumed) bug against genisoimage. I can only replicate the effect with arm/etch (genisoimage v 1.1.2-1) because I don't have a sid or lenny installation on an arm machine (and I'm reluctant to dist-upgrade, and upgrading genisoimage would bring in the whole libc6 upgrade).

Do you by any chance have an arm/lenny or arm/sid installation on which you could do the above steps-to-reproduce, with genisoimage v 1.7.1-1 ? I know the maintainer(s) would be much more interested if they know the bug is there in the sid version. And if it isn't, I WILL dist-upgrade!

If you can't, I'll do as I originally intended, and ask on debian-arm if anyone else can.

Many thanks for your help,


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