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Re: Lenny/armel with Debian kernel on Buffalo Linkstation Pro v2

* Tim Small <tim@buttersideup.com> [2008-04-09 12:54]:
> n.b. devio fixes up the machine ID, and this currently needs to be 0x05e5 
> (not 0x0630 etc. until the kernel has been fixed).

FWIW, I've put the Linkstation patch into SVN in the meantime.

> .. Modify the boot environment (default boot prevents the initramfs loading 
> - the kernel says "checking if image is initramfs...it isn't (bad gzip magic 
> numbers); looks like an initrd" - however I'm not really sure why).
> .. Remove the initrd=0x00800040,15M parameter (check that your env look like 
> those below), and verify

The reason is probably that it tells the kernel that the ramdisk is
15M long, but the Debian ramdisk will be much smaller.  You could try
padding the Debian ramdisk to 15 MB with zeros to see if that works.
Martin Michlmayr

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