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Re: (native) debian(-installer) support for fsg-3

Holger Levsen wrote:
On Wednesday 19 March 2008 02:12, Rod Whitby wrote:
We'll need flash-kernel support and userland led management.

Ok, cool, that's not much :-)

The flash-kernel package already supports different devices, so that looks quite straightforward.

Yep. The only problem is that RedBoot on the FSG-3 doesn't allow you to change the FIS partition names, so you're stuck with kern1 and kern2.

What is your opinion about how to package the led management? For the NSLU2 its included in the nslu2-utils package, as you know ;) Is that the same tool? Should it be split out of the package or should that package be renamed to something more generic or something completly different?

nslu2-utils has more nslu2-specific stuff than just the leds script. An fsg-utils is probably warranted.

(I'll also try to build a patched kernel for the device tomorrow, last I tried, the patches didnt apply cleanly and then I had not time to further look into it...)

The patches from the nslu2-linux svn all apply cleanly according to the series file and the kernel version in the KERNEL file in the same directory.

-- Rod

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