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Kexec on ARM? (Was Re: encrypted root fs on a slug and crypto-modules)


On Sun, 23 Mar 2008, I said a foolish thing when I wrote:
> 2. The sysadmin logs in via ssh and runs "kexec" to boot
>    the real-file system. The key for the real file-system
>    is given as a command line parameter to "kexec" (after
>    the sysadmin has de-crypted it).

I didn't check that kexec is currently not supported on "arm"
under Debian. :-(

However, I note that there is supposed to be some support for
kexec on arm since 2.6.22 but it is not built-in for the Debian
kernels. Is the reason for this documented somewhere?

The reason for asking is that I was thinking of using kexec
to boot into the armel debian installer without over-writing the
existing "arm" flash on an NSLU2. Is that feasible?



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