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Re: Task list for Debian on the QNAP Turbostation

* nathael.pajani@ed3l.fr <nathael.pajani@ed3l.fr> [2008-03-10 02:09]:
> * Have a wiki up (but maybe you have one) so everybody (or some people)
> can share ideas and the like about this todo list

I'm in the process of setting something up.

> * Have some info about the MAC address stuff, as I'm getting in touch with

Well, I know how the MAC is handled.  Basically, the "NAS Config" mtd
partition contains a file called ETH0.MAC_ADDR that contains the MAC
address.  The real question is how to handle this in debian-installer,
which currently doesn't support setting the MAC address.

Maybe it would be possible to update the MAC address in the u-boot
config before writing the debian-installer to flash.  Do you know if
the QNAP firmware has some tools to change the u-boot config?  If not,
we might have to read the mtd partition with the u-boot config, change
the MAC address (e.g. using sed) and then write it back.  That's not
ideal, but it should work.

> QNAP for the developement of a Finder for Linux. (From last mail on


> * and then, give us the possibility to use the installer on an
> uninstalled NAS

It seems an uninstalled QNAP has telnet enabled.  So we could ask
people to put the debian-installer binaries on the hard drive, boot
the unintalled NAS, log in via telnet, then run a script that will
write debian-installer to flash.  Do you think that'll work?
Martin Michlmayr

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