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Re: clisp / libffcall1 - almost, but not quite, ported

2008/3/7, debian2.mexon@spamgourmet.com <debian2.mexon@spamgourmet.com>:
>  I wanted to run clisp on my Nokia N810, so I had a go at porting it.
>  AFAICS, the platform-specific stuff is all in ffcall.  I got everything
>  except the trampoline working.  The trampoline segfaults, and it would
>  probably be fairly simple for someone with ARM experience and a proper
>  development platform to figure it out.
>  Unfortunately I don't have time to finish this off, so I'm just dumping
>  my results out to the world:
>  http://mat.exon.name/logs/clisp
>  http://mat.exon.name/logs/ffcall-arm.diff

Thanks, I've added it and your notes to the armel todo lists, so
someone will look at finishing it off. Lisp is an important language
but unfortunately not many (2) other Debian packages rely on it so
it's not as high priority as some other languages.



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