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Re: Access to arm box


in order to debug the recent build failure of my package cgal

I would like to get access to an arm box. I'm not a DD yet, but my key
0x153FF940 is signed by a DD.

thanks to Martin Guy I was able to debug the problem on a n2100. Is it correct that arm does not support setting the FPU rounding mode via fesetround()? At least, <bits/fenv.h> does not define FE_UPWARD, FE_DOWNWARD and FE_TOWARDZERO.

While at it I also builded the package on armel. <bits/fenv.h> defines all four FE_* constants, but fegetround() always returns FE_TONEAREST. Is this a bug/not supported/...? (I didn't check the rounding mode by a computation yet.)


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