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Re: Debian on N4100

Bill Gatliff wrote:
Ok. I'm very, very close. Details to follow shortly. :) :)

Still very close, but not there just yet.  :(

To recap. I rebuilt the wpkg kernel, to turn on things like NFS and ramdisks. I used a gcc-4.2.1 kernel constructed with crosstool-ng.

I used the ads initrd image, downloading it as a ramdisk. Installation-wise, there weren't any significant issues.

So I get the runtime installed fine, which naturally includes a bunch of network traffic to download the packages, etc. But after a restart the system I get seemingly-random oopses that seem related to incoming network packets. If I use the debian runtime, the OOPS happens every kernel boot. If I use NFS root, no oopses. Very strange...


Bill Gatliff

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