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Problem installing debian ARM on nslu2


I'm following the instructions from
<http://www.cyrius.com/debian/nslu2/install.html>. It all goes pretty
fine until the point I have to choose the installer modules, that is:
partman-auto, partman-ext3 and usb-storage-modules-2.6.18-5-ixp4xx-di.
Unfortunately, I have no usb-storage-modules-2.6.18-5-ixp4xx-di module
in the list. Without this module, the installer cannot see my USB
stick nor USB HDD, and the partman sees only the internal memory

Just in case, I checked
/lib/modules/2.6.18-5-ixp4xx/kernel/drivers/usb/ and some other places
and I could not find any usb-storage.ko like kernel module, so I'm
stuck at this point.

I use the unofficial binary file from http://www.slug-firmware.net/
with I flashed successfully onto the nslu2. (the debian-4.0r2.zip

A few info from the terminal:
~ # uname -a
Linux NSLU2 2.6.18-5-ixp4xx #1 Sat Jun 2 12:56:45 UTC 2007 armv5tel unknown
~ # lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by
ixp4xx_mac             19316  0
evdev                  10208  0
ixp4xx_qmgr             8396  5 ixp4xx_mac
ixp4xx_npe             14080  2 ixp4xx_mac
firmware_class         10400  1 ixp4xx_npe
ehci_hcd               31016  0
ohci_hcd               16932  0
ixp4xx_beeper           3392  0
usbcore               126248  3 ehci_hcd,ohci_hcd
~ # tail -f /var/log/syslog
Feb 18 00:33:53 kernel: usb 3-2: new high speed USB device using
ehci_hcd and address 4
Feb 18 00:33:53 kernel: usb 3-2: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
~ #

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.


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