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Re: creating user directories


On Fri, 15 Feb 2008, John Fieldsend wrote:
> i was wandering though is there a way to create this folder for new
> users when added to the server.

> Can this be done in samba, adduser or /etc/skel or anyway, any help guys is
> appreciated

This is not really a debian-arm question --- more a debian-user question.
Here is the answer anyway. Quoting from the "man adduser" manpage:

	If the file /usr/local/sbin/adduser.local exists, it will be executed
	after the user account has been set up in order to do any local
	setup. The arguments passed to adduser.local are:

		username uid gid home-directory

So you can just write a shell script to create the directory and put
it in as /usr/local/bin/adduser.local (probably with execute permissions).



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