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Re: fan control on thecus n2100

Colin Tuckley wrote:
John Winters wrote:
Incidentally, I too have looked at that script.  There are references to
needing to work out a couple of values to suit your machine but no
indication of what the values represent or how you would work them out. 
Can anyone provide more information?
The values are the temp difference for fan control FAN_RNG - which I've left
as 10 Degrees C and FAN_MIN which is the lowest fan speed control value to
output when not either stopping the fan (0) or running it at full speed
(255). I've currently got mine set to 60 rather than the provided 70.

I suspect it depends on how many hard drives you have fitted (one in my
case) and how good the airflow is in the box, with some of the ventilation
mods from the Debonaires page you can probably use a lower value. The idea
being that in the ideal case the fan would come on at it's slowest speed as
the box initially warms up and stay there all the time rather than coming on
too fast and then being cycled off and on again.
Actually, it depends on the precise nature of your fan and it's control system. The "minimum PWM setting for which the fan reliably runs" varies considerably from one unit to the next, as does "the maximum PWM number beyond which the fan speed ceases to increase". For me, anything less than 62 and the fan is too easily stopped and does not restart, anything greater than 90 is equivalent to 255. So, although the PWM has a setting range of 256, my fan is only controlled over a range of about 30!



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