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Re: libgnomeuimm2.6 failed to build on arm because of installing of libglib2.0-udeb

Deng Xiyue a écrit :
> Hi Debian ARM Team and Debian GNOME Team:
> According to [1], libgnomeuimm2.6 failed to build on arm because it
> wanted to install libglib2.0-udeb and libglib2.0-0 at the same time,
> which failed as they both contains some same files. After discussed with
> Loic and Sjoerd on IRC, it turns out that udebs are not supposed to be
> available in normal Packages list, and I'm suggested to ask the ARM Team
> to check it out or retry the build if application. Any suggestion is
> appreciated. Thanks.

This is not a problem with ARM, but with the new setup of
incoming.debian.org since the crash of ries. udeb packages are now
listed in the Packages.gz file, which causes the build daemon to use them.

Bug filled as #272 on rt.debian.org. I have also requeued the package as
this udeb is now gone from incoming.debian.org.

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