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Re: Debian armel status update

On Sun, Nov 11, 2007, Wookey wrote:
>> [...]
>> > As mentioned earlier, I m mildly busy, so I can't work on
>> > everything. Thus I call for help.
>> > http://wiki.debian.org/ArmEabiTodo and #debian-arm on
>> > irc.debian.org are used as communication channel. Instead of
>> > updating the wiki again, I'll try listing the most urgent issues in
>> > this mail now.
>> I've just been to ARM HQ and they are keen to help get the necessary
>> work done on the port to enbable it for lenny. Expect offical mail on
>> that subject soon.
>> If there is anyone with the relevant expertise (e.g people who can do
>> the work needed for the gfortran transition, or a desire to fix
>> haskell or move mozilla transition along so we can have trunk version
>> in lenny (Is that remotely feasible? - I have no idea)) then please
>> make yourselves known and say what you need. If it is faster build
>> hardware and/or money to let you concentrate on this issue rather
>> than others then that should be available.
>> It's nice to see ARM wanting to actively help. They will need
>> direction in terms of how best to apply what resources they have (not
>> huge, but much better than before).

To follow-on from Wookey's note, ARM would like to support activity to
complete the list of Debian packages buiding before the next release.

Could people on the list with expertise/interest/time with the remaining
packages contact me or <keith.clarke@arm.com> so we can see how we can
support this. It could be either through direct sponsorship/contracting
or provision of equipment depending on what is most appropriate.

We also wanted to thank everyone for their work and contributions to the 
Debian/ARM project.

Kind regards,


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