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Re: Debian armel status update

Wookey wrote:
On 2007-11-01 23:40 +0200, Riku Voipio wrote:
= Where is armel port today =
== Developer machine ==

I believe Wookey was working on this - any news?

Yes. I updated http://wiki.debian.org/armelLennyReleaseRecertification
yesterday with some info.

A machine (500Mhz 384MB balloon3 with 250GB disk) has been donated (by
Cambridge University Eng dept, hosting by Toby Churchill Ltd on a
leased line) and somewhat set-up (chroot config needs some more work
and it needs DSA LDAP merging once properly on-line.
It is currently waiting for NTL to give us some more external IPs as
there is not one spare for it to use (and they are of course being
crap). I expect this to get fixed next week so that the machine can
actually be accessed.

I have also got a kurobox from Marvell donated to Debian. I could set
that one as another dev-access box, unless anyone has a better use for
it. Only 128Mb RAM but much faster disk than the balloon. I think this
is one of the Orion machines mentioned below.

Is the arm distribution kernel for the n2100 armel-capable? Could we install an armel chroot on hedges, and have it serve as a buildd for both arm and armel?


Bill Gatliff

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