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Re: Debian on LaCie Ethernet Disk mini V2

* Lars M. Johansson <lars.m.johansson@gmail.com> [2007-10-31 18:51]:
> I am considering buying a LaCie Ethernet Disk mini (V2, which I
> believe to be ARM based rather than PPC, as it's predecessor) to hack
> Debian onto, in order to make it do all my home serving.
> I have seen several reports on hacking the older, PPC based version,
> but, I want to know if anyone has succeded in hacking Debian, or
> anything else, onto the ARM based one?

I briefly looked at the resources available for that device a few
months ago (GPL sources, etc) and it seems it's based on a Marvell
Orion chip and has 64 MB of RAM.  I don't know if anyone has
successfuly hacked the device or is running Debian on it, but if you
find out more please post some information and links.
Martin Michlmayr

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