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Re: NSLU2, Etch, and brick mode

Oops, forgot to reply all:

I am having the exact same problem!

I was also using a 1Gb flash drive, but after the slug doing what you've
described repeatedly over the course of several days, it eventually stopped
booting completely. It just sat there with the Orange and Green LEDs lit as
you describe.

I thought it might have been the flash drive at fault (it was a cheap one),
but it does the same with 3 different USB hard disks too.

I thought it may have been related to a package or kernel module I might
have installed, but it does it even with a fresh Debian install.


On 25/10/07 17:17, "Andrew Zbikowski" wrote:

> I've got Etch running on a NSLU2, it's only external storage is a 1GB
> flash drive. Yesterday I was testing everything out before putting it
> into production, and everything is running fine. For the final test I
> let it just sit for 12 hours.
> When I came back to it, it was sitting in what I can only describe as
> brick mode. It was powered on. The Ready/Status LED was orange, the
> USB drive was not lit up, there Disk LED on the NSLU2 was off, and it
> was not responding to any network traffic. To get it working again I
> had to power cycle it.
> When it's working, the LED on the USB flash drive is lit up, the
> Ready/Status light is Green (Flashes Orange/Green when there is
> activity), the Ethernet LED is Green, and the Disk 1 LED is green.
> What can I do to figure out what is causing it go go into this
> unresponsive brick mode that requires a power cycle? My initial
> guesses are that power management put it to sleep or that it crashed
> or locked up, but I'm not sure how to figure out what is going on
> without a console.

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