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Re: mpich build failure

* [Adam C Powell IV] 

> Greetings,
> mpich has not been building on ARM for the past month or so, stopping at
> the C++ static->shared lib linking moment:
> [...]
> Any ideas on what might be different on ARM such that this is failing?

Broken autobuilder chroot?

I tried (roughly) the following procedure on my nslu2 running etch:

1. install a sid chroot using debootstrap
2. install build-essential with deps
3. add a regular user (oysteivi)
4. # apt-get build-dep mpich
5. $ apt-get source mpich
6. $ cd mpich-1.2.7 && dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b -uc

This attempt at building the source in a fairly pristine chroot resulted
in what seems like a successful build and the following packages:

libmpich-mpd1.0-dev_1.2.7-4_arm.deb    mpe-source_1.2.7-4_all.deb
libmpich-mpd1.0ldbl_1.2.7-4_arm.deb    mpi-doc_1.2.7-4_all.deb
libmpich-shmem1.0-dev_1.2.7-4_arm.deb  mpich-bin_1.2.7-4_arm.deb
libmpich-shmem1.0ldbl_1.2.7-4_arm.deb  mpich-mpd-bin_1.2.7-4_arm.deb
libmpich1.0-dev_1.2.7-4_arm.deb        mpich-shmem-bin_1.2.7-4_arm.deb

No armel trickery was involved.  This is plan debian arm.  Seems like a
"works for me".

I'm not nearly a DD, so these packages will get to rot on my disk
without further distribution unless somebody should express a specific
interest in them.

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