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Re: ARM installer images for etch (4.0) currently broken

Hi Martin,

I want to let you know that in my opinion it is still possible to
install Debian 4.0 on NSLU2 using the "normal" installation method.
I used the "unofficial image" (with the driver for the internal network
interface included) to do the installation.

However after connecting to the installer via SSH do the following:
  - start the menu
  - choose "<Go Back>"
  - choose "Change debconf priority" and set the priority to "low"
  - resume installation with "Choose a mirror of the Debian archive"

Till then you have to answer more details, but the benefit was you'll be
asked which kernel you want to use:
  - choose "linux-image-2.6.18-5-ixp4xx" and the further installation
should work as expected

I did this workaround serveral times and till now I noticed no further
I hope this will help to make the installation easier till the real
issue is fixed.

Best regards,

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