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Porting linux on ARM926EJ-S based SOC


Hi there,


We are porting GIT linux 2.6.21 on Arm based SOC.


We created machine type for our custom board in file “arch/arm/tools/mach-types”.


We modified all files in base port “arch/arm/mach_xxx” also all header file “include/asm/arch-xxx” as per memory map of our board.


But kernel execution fails after "Uncompressing Linux...  done, booting the kernel.”


We checked all serial port initialization and all macros like “ZBSSADDR, ZRELADDR, INITRD_PHYS, INITRD_VIRT, and PARAMS_PHYS “ with memory map of our board.But kernel execution failed.



I tried to debug "arch/arm/boot/compressed/head.S”


I found exection stops after


bl      decompress_kernel

add     r0, r0, #127

bic     r0, r0, #127            @ align the kernel length


add     r1, r5, r0              @ end of decompressed kernel

adr     r2, reloc_start

ldr     r3, LC1

add     r3, r2, r3

ldmia   r2!, {r9 - r14}         @ copy relocation code

stmia   r1!, {r9 - r14}

ldmia   r2!, {r9 - r14}

stmia   r1!, {r9 - r14}

cmp     r2, r3

blo     1b


Execution does proceed after this piece of code.


Any Pointer will be greatly appreciated



Thanks $ regards,



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