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Re: upgrade debian kernel on nslu2

En/na johan.vervloet@gmail.com ha escrit:
On 27 jul, 22:00, Xan <DXpubl...@telefonica.net> wrote:
Johan, can you maintain me informed about what you follow _exactly_ for
installing new kernel? I have nslu2 and I have installed debian
following de same link too. I want to compile new kernel that were the
same nslu2 has now + pax support. I searched info but no info convinced
me. I'm a novice user (I compile kernel in i386 machines but no nslu2)

It seemed that I just needed an updated version of the pegasus kernel
module, which is included in the kernel-image of testing:

So I just downloaded the deb, and installed it using apt-get.

Okay thank you very much, but how to put the new kernel in the boot loader?

Steps are:
1) apt-get install linux-image-ipx4xx
2) [make menuinstall?]
3) [put the new kernel in boot loader?]

Can you clarify me

Thanks a lot,


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