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RE: GP2X hardware platform

Hi Hector,

> FYI, http://code.google.com/p/gp2x-linux26/source

That project has been 'dead' for some time with no updates planned as I
understand it (developers have moved onto other projects). I did contact the
developers working on it recently however I have not received any replies. I
believe it is 2.6.18 based and does not do a lot more then setup the CPU and
UART but I have not built it to try nor looked at length.

However it may also be worth noting that after our last discussions about
2.6 on the GP2X I want back and revisited my previous 2.6 hacking and have
now got my local 2.6 GP2X tree to the point where I have a 2.6.20 running on
real hardware reasonably happily (booting the kernel from SD). Once I get
this into a usable state (not very neat mind you) I will be committing the
work to Open2x's SVN to see if other people will come on board and help
develop the 2.6 BSP. 

I need to do a working framebuffer driver and sort SD/SDHC (SD DMA is badly
broken on the MMSP2 SoC and this is causing a little fun with the frameworks
presented by .20>). NAND and GPIO are also among other things on a very long
TODO list ;-) and I haven't even considered tackling the 2nd CPU core or the
closed source bits yet. I keep meaning to have a good look at the
gp2x-linux26 source to see if there are completed drivers I can 'borrow'. I
guess I really should do that sooner rather the later.

If there is any interest in working on a 2.6 kernel for the GP2X from any
GP2X owners (only jTAG wielding owners mind you) who are denizens of these
lists then I would be very interested to hear from them as I have kept my
comments and progress updates etc. to the smaller GP2X communities up till
now and received the expected lukewarm responses.


John Willis

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