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What is Best OS for PC for NSLU2/debian/arm development?

I've been trying to install debian on my PC for the purpose of
cross-compiling NSLU2/debian kernels and developing NSLU2 applications. 

Unfortunately, all the PC debian installations died three months ago so I
shelved the project. I just downloaded debian etch 4.0R0 and tried again and
go the same kernel panic on my PC.

 Knoppix, Ubuntu, SuSE and Fedora seem to install fine. Are any of these
good choices?


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>Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2007 5:06 PM
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>Subject: Re: Source code for debian-arm NSLU2
>On 3/14/07, Gordon Farquharson <gordonfarquharson@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'm not convinced that you want to compile the installer. What about
>> the binary installer image do you want to change ? The installer just
>> gives you an image which you temporarily write to the NSLU2 flash.
>> During installation, this installer image gets overwritten by the
>> Debian kernel and initramfs. The rest of the Debian installation gets
>> written to your hard drive, i.e. Debian/NSLU2 requires a hard drive.
>> Debian does not fit into the NSLU2 flash like SlugOS/BE.
>BTW, are you following the installation instructions at
>Gordon Farquharson

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