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Re: N2100 kernel building

On Wed, Jul 04, 2007 at 05:16:38PM +0100, Frank Kingswood wrote:
> I am interested in doing some hacking on the N2100 kernel but worried to 
> leave my system unable to boot. At the moment my box runs with the 
> 2.6.18-4-iop32x kernel.

If you have the latest redboot, you can allways telnet to redboot and
boot known safe kernel. Alternatively if you have serial port access,
you can recover from there as well.

> Can anyone point me at
> 1) any ARM patches that are not yet in mainline

The only important patch not in mainline is the hwmon driver
(temperature sensors and fans):


You can skip it, but then the fan wont run you need to keep the heat
down by other means. Unless you live in a very hot country, just keeping
the lid of is enough.

There is some optional patches you might want to experiment with:


> 2) a kernel build procedure that will generate a kernel and initrd (but 
> does NOT flash these - I'll be using tftp)

For the kernel kernel sourcetree:

	make iop32x_defconfig
	cp arch/arm/boot/zImage /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.xx-myversion
	make modules_install

For the initramfs

	update-initramfs -k 2.6.xx-myversion -c

This will leave you with a kernel and initramfs in /boot, which
you can copy over to your tftp server.

For othe fficial debian way, see kernel-package and linux-2.6 packages.

> Alternatively, is there any kernel worth having in the /testing/ 
> distribution?


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